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Many translators claim having worked for big players like Apple, Microsoft, Avaya, Polycom etc. In fact, these big players distribute most of their jobs through translation agencies. While I also do this type of work, this page is devoted to selected direct clients of mine for whom I have supplied a complete linguistic service, have taken full responsibility for my translations and have often supplied additional consulting services.

cryogenics supplier

CMR Direct is a UK-based supplier of components and consumables for the low temperature and condensed matter research communities. Please read their testimonial:

Excellent scientific translation services - Tobias was able to deal with our specialised terminology in cryogenics and condensed matter and has been able to turn around multiple jobs very quickly.

Kurt Haselwimmer, Director

optical instruments manufacturer

Levenhuk is a major manufacturer of optical instruments (microscopes, telescopes, and binoculars). I do direct business with their Russian office, translating user manuals of optical instruments into German.

Customers from any CIS country, do not worry. I know how to properly do the paperworks - contract, certificate of acceptance etc. - that will allow you to pay me legally by bank transfer from inside Russia, Ukraine or any other CIS country. You will be able to get a tax deduction on the amount of my invoice, and since I am a freelancer located in the EU, you will not have to pay social insurance on top of my fee.

Royal Dutch Shell
energy and petrochemicals

I translated the Shell Sustainability Report for the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. My name is on the back of the 2006 and 2007 reports.

You can download my German translations:
Lösungen für die Energiefrage – Shell Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2006
Verantwortungsvoller Umgang mit Energie – Shell Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2007
Verantwortlicher Umgang mit Energie – Shell Nachhaltigkeits-Kurzbericht 2008

And compare them to the English originals:
Meeting the energy challenge – The Shell Sustainability Report 2006
Responsible Energy – The Shell Sustainability Report 2007
Responsible Energy – The Shell Sustainability Review 2008

Reinhard Skuhra Weise
patent attorneys

Reinhard Skuhra Weise & Partner GbR is one of several intellectual property law firms for which I do patent translations in a number of fields, including semiconductor technology, storage technology, optical fibres, solid-state physics and many more.

Ukraine Nachrichten
journalistic articles

I am one of the very few true German native speakers who are able to translate directly from Ukrainian. Ukraine Nachrichten is a web site that offers translations of news, agency reports, opinions etc. from the Ukrainian press. I offer translations to Ukraine Nachrichten when I feel an article is of special relevance to my field of specialisation, or when it conveys a topic that I am passionate about. My translations are being published on-line, so you have the opportunity to see actual samples of my work:

Über Skype, Steuern und Piraten
Ist es wirklich so wichtig, in welcher Sprache wir sagen, dass die Ukraine am A... ist?
Don't feed the trolls – kein Futter für den Kreml-Troll!
Interview mit Pater Petro Baloh, Institut für Religionswissenschaften Thomas von Aquin, Kiew
Neue Atomkraftwerke bauen – das wäre Wahnsinn! Wege aus der Krise für das ukrainische Bildungswesen


Read what some other of my satisfied agency customers have to say:

Tobias is highly skilled at technical translations and delivers prompt, professional work. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for competent translation work in IT/Tech translation.

Tobias is accurate, professional and efficient. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, always keeping the client's needs first and foremost. I highly recommend Tobias for any IT/tech projects.

Thank you for the credible and professional translation. We look forward to working with you on more projects.

High quality translations from a very professional linguist - thank you.